After a few months of attending classes here in Japan, I noticed some major differences in the Japanese and American education system. In America, teachers are very clear as to what they expect from their students. In Japan, teachers are unclear about what they want from their students. For example, in America, students have a general idea of their grades throughout the semester because teachers give feedback on assignments and tests; however, in Japan, you never get feedback on your assignments. Teachers collect the assignment, and you just hope it was good enough.


Here is the list of things you should not expect in Japan:

  • Prompt feedback on assignments
  • Clear explanation on the test dates
  • Clear lecture
  • Knowing your grade throughout the semester


Just remember, everything is UNCLEAR.

Organize your class schedule and assignments early in the semester!

ASK the teachers what the evaluation method for the class is.


The evaluation method seems to include the following:

  • Participation
  • Class attendance
  • Weekly assignments
  • Exams
  • In class assignments
  • Presentations


All the classes here do not have that many assignments so it is important for you to complete all the assignments that are given.


This week, I plan to email my teachers and ask them if I’m on the passing line for the class.

I just thought I should let you know that the system here is very different so future students know what to expect in Japan.

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