Long time no see!

Recently I have been busy going to the doctor’s, trying to find out the cause of my cough that hasn’t stopped for 2 months. As the year gets wrapped up, your workload for school increases massively. Be prepared for that.


Today, I want to introduce to you a beautiful illumination spot you can go to for Christmas.

Doitsu-Mura, or German City is one of the 3 greatest illumination spot in Kanto region. I only went for the illumination, but you can also enjoy many attractions at Doitsu-Mura. One of the attractions that caught my attention was the Ferris wheel. Riding on it at night during the illumination period must have been beautiful. If I get a change to go there again during Christmas season, I would like to ride on the Ferris wheel.


New Yeas is approaching, and the experience you can get in Japan is far different from those you can gain in Hawaii.

  • Kouhaku Uta Gassen (Red and White Singing Festival,
  • Toshikoshi Soba
  • Hatsumoude
  • Osechi
  • Mochi-tsuki Taikai


There are so much to enjoy for new years in Japan.

School is important, but I recommend you to seek out the opportunity to enjoy the event culture that you can only enjoy in Japan.






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