First semester is ending. I just have one more week of school before first semester is over. For the final assignment, I have/had five presentation and one final exam. Two out of the five presentations are done, so I have three more presentations and one final exam to go.

At the beginning of the semester, I had no assignment to do and could do whatever I wanted; however, as the semester ended, the assignments for every single class piled up and I’m struggling every day to complete all the assignment.

I realized that what is important to not struggle in Japanese college is to nudge the professor about what assignments they are planning to assign way in advance and don’t leave off those assignments until the last minute.

You can earn credit for all the classes if you attend the class and complete all the assignment. Unlike American colleges, the passing cut off is low in Japan. You just need to earn 40% to pass a class. Japanese university seems to value the regular attendance and consistent submission of the assignment rather than quality of your work.

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