Spring Break Ending Soon

In February, I went back to Hawaii for 20 days.

I realized how busy Japan is every day and how relaxed Hawaii is every day.

24 hours in Hawaii seemed longer than 24 hours in Japan.

I used to think Hawaii is a boring place with nothing interesting to do, however, this return how made me realize how nice it is to be able to call such a calm and relaxing place my home.

Prior to studying abroad in Japan, I was so sure I would not stay in Hawaii after college graduation, however, now my view has changed and I am starting to think that staying in Hawaii isn’t so bad.

I would like to thank my parents and university of Hawaii for letting me experience this study abroad to Japan which may have determined my future whereabouts.


Spring semester will start on 4/7.

This semester, my goal is to do previews and reviews for every class.

I am going to make this semester a great one that will remain as my college memory forever.


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