Trip to Nagasaki


This past weekend, I traveled to Nagasaki with my relatives.

It was a two night, three days travel of which we stayed at a theme park in Kyushu area called HUIS TEN BOSCH the first day and hot spring hotel called Mikado the second.

At Huis Ten Bosch, I played some Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) games. These games are becoming popular in Japan currently and there is a VR Park in Shibuya which I recommend.

Unlike Tokyo Disney land and universal Studios Japan, Huis Ten Bosch did not have ride attractions. This theme park is more for older generation who like sightseeing. They had beautiful flower garden and illumination for the audience to see.


The second day, we took a car ride to a place called UNZEN which is famous for its onsen or hot spring. We stayed at a hotel called Mikado Hotel.

I personally loved his hotel. The hot spring had a great view for you to see and the buffet for breakfast and dinner was beyond amazing. They had variety of fresh food from Sashimi to meat to to noodles. Also, they offered all you can drink alcohol. Since the minimum drinking age for Japan is 20, I drank a cup of acerola rosehip alcoholic drink. Just one cup of alcoholic drink gave me a headache and I thought to myself that alcohol is still too early for me.

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