During spring break, I went to Osaka with my cousins to visit my mother’s friends. We went to Universal Studios Japan on the first full day we had there. My target was the Harry Potter world. I love Harry Potter series, and have always wanted to visit this place. As I expected, the Harry Potter world was realistic and mysterious. Since we wanted to have a best of our times on our trip, and visit to USJ, we bought the express pass 7 which allows you to ride on the specified 7 attractions without lining up in the regular line. Instead we stood in the express line which moved quicker and smoother than the regular line. Still, however, we had to wait for average of 20-30 minutes for each attraction. I recommend people to purchase the express pass because without it, you will most likely be spending majority of time lining up for a ride instead of enjoying the ride. Express pass allows you to fully enjoy the rides there. The problem with express pass is that it is expensive. You must buy the separate pass in addition to the park entrance pass. However, it is worth it as if you don’t have this pass, you will be wasting your money spent on buying the entrance ticket.

On the last entry, I introduced Huis Ten Boss, a park in Kyushu area, and this week USJ, a park in Kansai Area. This weekend, I will be going to Disney Sea and Land, so I will introduce these parks in Kanto Area in the next post. After this weekend, I will have visited main parks in three areas on Japan.



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