Spring 2017 Classes

Here are the classes I’ve been taking this semester.

  1. Japanese Buddhism and Social Suffering.
    1. We learn about the role of Buddhism in Japan and how it is different from Buddhism around the world. We have field trips to supplement our understanding of the culture of Japan
  2. Children, Youth, and Migration: Everyday Experiences in Japan and Beyond
    1. We learn about immigrant youth in Japan and their experiences. We have a connection to the local high school in which we have a service learning project called One World Activity
  3. English and English Education in Japan in the Age of Globalization
    1. We learn about how English is taught in Japan and how how English education in Japan is developing considering the recent globalization
  4. Japanese Sound Culture in the Global Context
    1. We learn about different sounds from all over the world. This class is like the musicology class that UH offers
  5. Introduction to Japanese Art History
    1. We examine Japanese art from many years ago and relate it to the Japanese culture today.
  6. The Culture of Sports, Health and Longevity in Japan and Other Countries
    1. We examine why Japanese people have long life by looking at the culture and behavior of Japanese society
  7. Otaku Culture in Japan and its Transnational Relation
    1. We learn about the unique Japanese culture of otaku and how it is changing within Japan and in the world

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