Spring Break Ending Soon

In February, I went back to Hawaii for 20 days.

I realized how busy Japan is every day and how relaxed Hawaii is every day.

24 hours in Hawaii seemed longer than 24 hours in Japan.

I used to think Hawaii is a boring place with nothing interesting to do, however, this return how made me realize how nice it is to be able to call such a calm and relaxing place my home.

Prior to studying abroad in Japan, I was so sure I would not stay in Hawaii after college graduation, however, now my view has changed and I am starting to think that staying in Hawaii isn’t so bad.

I would like to thank my parents and university of Hawaii for letting me experience this study abroad to Japan which may have determined my future whereabouts.


Spring semester will start on 4/7.

This semester, my goal is to do previews and reviews for every class.

I am going to make this semester a great one that will remain as my college memory forever.



First semester is ending. I just have one more week of school before first semester is over. For the final assignment, I have/had five presentation and one final exam. Two out of the five presentations are done, so I have three more presentations and one final exam to go.

At the beginning of the semester, I had no assignment to do and could do whatever I wanted; however, as the semester ended, the assignments for every single class piled up and I’m struggling every day to complete all the assignment.

I realized that what is important to not struggle in Japanese college is to nudge the professor about what assignments they are planning to assign way in advance and don’t leave off those assignments until the last minute.

You can earn credit for all the classes if you attend the class and complete all the assignment. Unlike American colleges, the passing cut off is low in Japan. You just need to earn 40% to pass a class. Japanese university seems to value the regular attendance and consistent submission of the assignment rather than quality of your work.


Keio University has many club or circles.

Categories include:


  • Tennis
  • Boat, Sailing, Swimming
  • Soccer, Footsal
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Dancing
  • Japanese Traditional Martial Arts
  • Mountain climbing, Stroll
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Other Sports



  • Computer, Robot
  • Music
  • Academic
  • Japanese Culture
  • Play, Comedy, Musical
  • Manga, Animation
  • Volunteering
  • International
  • Others


Clubs that interested me are

Keio K. Premium Orchestra and Wind Ensemble.

These clubs interested me because I played flute in band in Hawaii. Unfortunately, music groups are hard to join midway. I emailed the contact person and am waiting on a reply from them.


There are a few unusual circles that caught my eyes.

One is the Disney Dokokai. In this circle, they go to Disney resort parks, watch Disney movie, and talk all things about Disney with other members of the circle. I love Disney movies which is why this circle caught my eyes.

Another interesting circle I found in the booklet is the “hide and seek circle.” From what I read in the description, they meet once a week at Hiyoshi campus and pay a serious game of hide and seek with other member of the circle on campus.


Circles or clubs is highlight of Japanese college life, so if you are studying abroad in Japanese University, I strongly recommend you to join one!

Course Registration

This past week was our first week of school.

I went to the classes that interested me to see how the material are. When you’re studying abroad at Keio University, you can spend first week of school visiting the classes and decide if the class is for you or not.

I went to the following 9 courses on the first week:

1.Introduction to Finance

I could not understand a single word the professor was saying. I could survive the first day because I already learned the material in high school, but if we start to get into the topics which I have not learned before, I knew I would suffer, so I decided to not take this course.

  1. International Accounting

I have always been interested in International Accounting, but I could not grasp the way my professor explained the material so I decided not to take this course.

  1. Japanese Corporations in the Global Economy

This class sounded interesting, but the only problem it had was that it is on the last (6th) period of the day.  The class is from 6:10-7:40 and sometimes even longer. I don’t think I can survive that every Monday so I decided not to take this course.

  1. Research on Marketing

I was in this class with my friend from UH Manoah. The professor’s Professor’s English was a little hard to understand, but tolerable.  The professor was a funny man and I thought this class would be a fun class to take, so I decided to enroll in this course.

  1. Corporate Finance in Japan

This class was a small class. The lecturer was funny and easy to understand so I will be taking this course.

  1. Food and Foodways in Japan

This class was an interesting class.  I really liked the lecture from beginning of class until the end. Although credits for this class will not transfer back to UH, this is a 100% recommended class. I think I will be hungry every time I go to this class. This is a relatively new course I don’t know what to expect this semester.

  1. Introduction to Management Strategy

The professor for this class ha a heavy accent in his English, but the class itself was easy to understand and interesting.  So I will be enrolled in this class.

  1. Japanese Literature

I love reading stories which is why I decided to take a look at this course.  I found the lecture entertaining and have decided to take this course.

  1. Case Analysis on Management and Strategy of Japanese Corporations.

Out of all the courses I went to check out, this class had the most number of Japanese students. All the Japanese students in this class was in the professor’s seminar class. The professor was entertaining and the Japanese students were kind. I love the atmosphere in this class, so I will be enrolled in this class.


To sum it up, I will be taking the following 7 courses:

  1. Consumer Behavior and Marketing
  2. Research on Marketing
  3. Corporate Finance in Japan
  4. Food and Foodways in Japan
  5. Introduction to Management Strategy
  6. Japanese Literature
  7. Case Analysis on Management and Strategy of Japanese Corporations


Because there weren’t that many classes that interest me, I decided the take the minimum (7) number of courses you can take at Keio for the fall semester. I do not have classes on Thursdays and Fridays s I hope I get to travel, work part time, and explore the country. Spring semester seems to have more interesting classes, so I plan on taking more classes in the spring.